Finding the Edge New York: The Ultimate Guide

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By Suzan Alia

Learn about The Edge New York, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. Find all there is to know about its design, experience, and visiting tips in this architectural wonder.


Today, with the addition of The Edge New York, New York City can boast yet another attraction to augment its better-known iconic skyline. THE EDGE NEW YORK is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, offering breathtaking city views and far beyond. This guide takes a deep dive into everything you need to know about this spectacular structure, from its unique design and visitor experience to tips on making the most of your visit.

What is The Edge New York?

The Edge is the most beautiful outdoor observation deck in the city. Occupying the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards, it dramatically juts 80 feet out over the side of the building, providing a perspective that the city hasn’t seen yet. Combined with glass floors, angled glass walls, and an open-air view, The Edge guarantees thrill and total immersiveness for all visitors.

Introduction: The Design and Architecture of The Edge

Human-Centered Design

Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, The Ledge is somewhat of a marvel in modern architecture. The deck cantilevers from the building, stretching out so visitors feel they are floating above the city.

This is a Glass Floor

Most stunning is The Edge’s glass floor, which offers a heart-pounding view straight through to gripped-down streets some 1,100 feet below. That feature affords you a unique perspective and is suitable for those wanting to add excitement to their visit.

Sloped Glass Walls

The walls have 79 pieces of glass on them, angling them outward. Nothing is obstructing the far views—just open air. These angled walls make for a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity and view of the city in a novel way.

The Visitor Experience at The Edge

Arrival and Admission

Spectators enter The Edge via the Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards; after a security check, they take an elevator that speeds up 100 stories in just 52 seconds.

Interactive Exhibits

Visitors, on their way through to the sky deck, can learn about the interactive displays on how Hudson Yards and The Edge were constructed and designed. These exhibits would indeed throw great light on the engineering marvels behind the iconic structure.

The Sky Deck

Exploring some of its features on the sky deck, one will find a glass floor, diagonal walls, and skyline steps with seating tiers where visitors can enjoy panoramic views.

Urban Scalers

For the truly adventurous, The Edge offers City Climb; this is an experience in which visitors can climb to the outside of the building and lean out from the top. It’s the highest outdoor ascent of a building in the world and gives an unparalleled adrenaline rush.

How to Visit

Best Time to Visit

At any time of day, The Edge offers stunning views; however, it is best to consider a visit during sunset for better lighting of your pictures—the golden hour during twilight hours and the transition from day into night while watching an unforgettable view.

Information on tickets:

The tickets for The Edge can be bought online in advance Booking your tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist-present seasons, is recommendable to ensure the availability of slots and the best time for visiting.

What to Bring

Pack a camera to capture all the fantastic views. Dress for the weather, as the Sky Deck is open and exposed to the elements. Because you will be doing much walking, wear comfortable shoes; this is especially true if you want to participate in City Climb.


The Edge is an entirely accessible building with several elevators and ramps to support the movements of individuals with mobility issues. Since all kinds of visitors are expected, among the facilities, some make sure persons with disabilities are comfortable and able to visit everywhere, too.

Checking Out Hudson Yards

You realize:

While at The Edge, look out for other offerings in Hudson Yards, such as The Vessel This interactive, honeycomb-like structure provides its visitors with views never before seen and adds to The Edge experience.

Shopping and Food

Find upscale shopping and dining at Hudson Yards Come back from The Edge, eat in one of the many restaurants, and shop

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