The Future of Cryptocurrency: A Comprehensive Guide to Pi Coin

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By Suzan Alia

Find out the news about Pi Coin, a revolutionizing cryptocurrency that makes digital money more open for everyone. Learn about its origin, functionality, and potential future.


While Bitcoin [] and Ethereum [] hog most of the headlines, the new kid on the block, Pi Coin, has stepped up to claim accessibility and inclusion in this complete guide. Readers can thus understand why this coin could be a game changer regarding origin, technology, and potential to lengthen.

What is Pi Coin?

Pi Coin is a kind of cryptocurrency novel in many ways, holding a vision that digital money should be enabled for every human and not only for a few. Unlike most conventional cryptocurrencies that require tremendous computational energy, Pi Coin is to be made mineable even from devices with few resources. Launched in March 2019 by a group of Stanford graduates, the Pi Network [] democratizes access to cryptocurrencies.

Origins of the Pi Coin

The Founders

Pi Coin was built to solve the mining centralization, with a team of Stanford PhDs led by Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Dr. Chengdiao Fan, and Vincent McPhillips. They intend to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

The Vision

The vision for Pi Coin is to have a decentralized, user-friendly cryptocurrency that can be mined by virtually anybody. The founders allow mobile mining in hope of making the process of mining more decentralized and friendly, with the ability to include more people through this system.


Pi Coin officially came into existence on the 14th of March, 2019, on a day recognized for its name—an intentional gesture in this regard. The project, for its first phase, concentrated on building up users and the community before proceeding to other developmental stages.

How Does Pi Coin Work?

Mining for Cryptocurrencies Using Mobile Devices

One of the most innovative features of Pi Coin is that it can be mined using any mobile device. People simply download the Pi Network application, register, and start mining. The app is designed to be very friendly with battery life and data—a mini version of a full node.

Security Cycles

Pi Coin uses a particular security protocol named “security circles.” They are groups of trusted people vouching for the authenticity of others in enhancing security within the network to keep away fraudsters.

Consensus Algorithms

Pi Coin is based on the Stellar Consensus Protocol [[invalid URL removed]] that allows for simple and decentralized transactions. SCP guarantees secure exchange while being virtually heavy on zero computational power.

Pi Coin Stages

Phase 1: Design and Distribution

The first phase was about creating the infrastructure and developing a user base. In this phase, users could mine Pi Coin in contribution to the network.

Stage 2: Testnet

During the second phase of this development, the Pi Network switched into a testnet environment, where the developers were to test if the network worked without affecting its mainnet functionality or security.

Mainnet: Stage 3

In this manner, Pi Coins are launched on cryptocurrency platforms to be traded and used in commercial transactions. This phase will make real the full vision of a Pi Coin.

Benefits of Pi Coin


By allowing mining on mobile devices, Pi Coin makes itself accessible to all users owning smartphones. This differs from other types of cryptocurrency, which require specific hardware and technical expertise.

Energy Efficiency

In contrast to the traditional cryptocurrencies, which utilize exorbitant amounts of energy, Pi Coin will be designed to be very energy efficient and, therefore, sustainable in the cryptocurrency ecology.


Pi Coin is only as successful as its community; thus, the more users it has, the better. Users are motivated to invite others, which in turn results in forming security circles that increase the trust and security of the network.


Stellar Consensus Protocol will be used, hence Pi Coin will scale efficiently with the size of the network growing. This kind of scalability is crucial for broad adoption and, therefore, success in the long run.

Potential Risks of Pi Coin

Regulatory Hurdles

Just like all other cryptocurrencies, Pi Coin will have to face the potential of regulatory hurdles any time soon. This is because governments worldwide are still grappling with how to regulate digital currencies, something that might affect the growth and adoption of the Pi Coin.

Market Competition

The competition in the cryptocurrency market is vast, with major players like Bitcoin and Ethereum already claiming their positions. With some new entrants, this competitive scene is making it necessary for Pi Coin to differentiate itself and make a difference.

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